Customized Consulting Services

We provide ideas, analysis, tools and savvy to help your unique sales team win in the marketplace.

What differentiates VSCEC?

  • Vast subject matter experience, in a firm that’s focused on the topic…
  • Where the experts deliver the work for you…
  • In a flexible way — customized to YOUR needs…
  • With creative ideas based on similar client situations…
  • All at a far lower cost point than other firms can offer.


Founded in 2017, Vaccaro Sales Compensation and Effectiveness Consulting (VSCEC) is a specialized firm focused on consulting services for Sales organization-related challenges. 

Michael Vaccaro, the Lead Principal for the firm, has been a consultant, author and thought leader in the industry for over 25 years:

  • Long experience in prominent consulting firms (Deloitte, Hay Group, Mercer) 
  • Continuing to serve leading organizations in many industries
  • Regular speaker at national sales compensation conferences (e.g., World@Work, Wharton alumni)

Our Scope of Services

We help clients with a variety of challenges, e.g. :

✓ Aligning market strategy for the sales team

Organization and role design

✓ Sales compensation design and rollout

✓ Improving overall sales effectiveness

✓ Skill, career path and culture building

Change management and adoption

We have served clients:

  • With sales teams of 4-10,000
  • In startup, growth and Fortune 100 stages of their business
  • With regional, national and global scope
  • From a gamut of industries and sectors
  • Click here to see recent client examples

VSCEC also has affiliations with firms such as Business Talent Group and Compensation Resources Inc. and KPMG.


Our Approach

We follow an “outside-in” approach to develop sales effectiveness improvements and compensation designs that work for each client’s individual context. Key Questions: “What does the company need to do in the marketplace to succeed?” “What do we need the sales force to do?” “How will sales compensation be best aligned?” “How will we get there …


Our clients have called us in to assist with a broad range of issues and challenges. Perhaps we could be a fit with your organization.

Reach out to us using your contact method of choice and let’s start the conversation and find out.