Some Recent VSCEC Engagements

  • Sales compensation redesign and rollout: Refined plans to drive growth and integrate with important strategic initiatives for an international industrial distributor.
  • Improving Growth through Sales Effectiveness: Helped design an integrated initiative to identify and upsell underserved accounts, update market coverage, refine sales roles, and motivate sales rep buy-in for a national medical products company.
  • Crypto Rewards: Built a crypto payout option into the incentive design for a global software venture firm.
  • Subject Matter Expertise: Guided a new Sales Operations team going through its first annual planning cycle for a global B2B Media / Information Services provider.
  • Sales incentives in a startup business: Developed a flexible sales incentive plan design to handle unusual sales roles and ~20 countries for a global Blockchain incubator / services provider.
  • Sales Effectiveness: Redefined sales roles to enhance their value and contribution to growth for a national health services provider.
  • Culture-based incentives: Designed an incentive program to motivate positive and impactful corporate behavior for a private UK trading firm.
  • Merger integration: Aligned sales incentives between an acquirer and its very different acquiree for a national nutraceutical wholesaler.
  • SPIFFs and Non-cash Rewards: Used these alternative incentives to highlight strategic objectives in a more compelling way for several clients.